Albanians in Macedonia
Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia, according to the 2002 census
Albanians (Shqiptare in Albanian, /Albanci in Macedonian) are the largest ethnic minority in the Republic of Macedonia. The largest Albanian communities live in the regions of Tetovo (Tetova), Skopje (Shkupi), Gostivar (Gostivari), Debar (Dibra), Kicevo (Kerçova), Struga and Kumanovo (Kumanova).


Albanian population has grown constantly since 1953. According to the official census data (held on every 10 years), they comprised 13% of the total population in 1961, 17% in 1971, 19.7% in 1981 and 21% in 1991.[1] Ethnologue in 2002 estimated some 600 000 people speaking Albanian language in Macedonia. [1] In the decade since Macedonia won independence from Yugoslavia, Albanians claimed to account for 30 (or even 40)% of the people and demanded an appropriate share of power, on the other side Macedonians said Albanians were barely 20 percent.[2]. However, the widely accepted number of Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia is according to the internationally monitored [3] 2002 census. The census data estimated that Albanians comprise 25.2% of the total population. Parliamentary election results typically shows 20% votes for Albanian parties. As of now, there is no Albanian politician that is member of non-Albanian political party, although it should be noted that many Albanians are below the requisite age to vote, and many may choose not to vote. According to UNPO, the actual Albanian population in the Republic of Macedonia constitutes 30-35% of the population [4].

Municipalities with an Albanian majority
Municipalities of the Republic of Macedonia with Albanian ethnic majority (according to the 2002 census data):

  • Cair municipality
  • Aracinovo municipality
  • Bogovinje municipality
  • Brvenica municipality
  • Vrapciste municipality
  • Gazi Baba municipality
  • Gostivar municipality
  • Debar municipality
  • Zelino municipality
  • Zajas municipality
  • Lipkovo municipality
  • Oslomej municipality
  • Saraj municipality
  • Struga municipality
  • Studenicani municipality
  • Tearce municipality
Albanians in Republic of Macedonia
"Albanians in Republic of Macedonia struggled to end issues in Macedonia"

The grown ethnic tensions in FYROM between the ruling Macedonians and the discriminated ethnic Albanians triggered an armed conflict which ended with a peace deal signed by the government of Republic of Macedonia and ethnic Albanian representatives on August 13th, 2001.


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Capital of Macedonia / Skopje
Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. As largest city in the country, it is a political, economic, and cultural center of Macedonia. It lies on the upper course of the Vardar River and is located on a major north-south Balkan route between Belgrade and Athens. For more Click here!
The History of Albanians in Macedonia
Albanians in the Republic of Macedonia, According to the 2002 Census

Albanians (Shqiptare in Albanian, Албанци/Albanci in Macedonian) are the largest ethnic minority in the Republic of Macedonia.  For more here!

Albanian Second Largest City in Macedonia Tetovo

Tetovo is located at the foothills of the Shar Mountain in north-western Macedonia, 468 m above the sea level, on the edge of the Polog Valley. For more Click here!

Archeological Sites
The Aqueduct of Skopje
Antique Theater – Ohrid
Heraclea -Bitola
Trebenista - near Ohrid
Cocev Kamen (Tsote’s Stone)
Ali Ahmeti
Ali Ahmeti is the President of the Democartic Union of Integration

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Menduh Thaci
Here you can find all the current information on the activities of the Albanian Opposition Groups and the leader of Democratic Party of Albanians in Macedonia, Menduh Thaci ... » more
Churches and Monasteries
St. Panteleimon, Nerezi - near Skopje
The Church of St Spas - Skopje
St Naum- Ohrid
St Sophia - Ohrid
Plaosnik - Ohrid
St. Joachim Osogovski – Kriva Palanka
St John Caneo - Ohrid
St John the Baptist - Stip
Markov Monastery - Skopje
St Jovan Bigorski
Church of St George - Staro Nagoricane
The Monastery of St. Nikita

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